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Russian Arm

Flight Head

Flight Head Mini

The Flight Head Mini’s (FH Mini) unique 3-axis gyro-stabilized, light weight Carbon Fiber design eliminates all bumps & vibrations resulting in an extremely smooth and stable picture (10 – 150mm film lenses).

  • The FH Mini provides complete control of the camera. 

  • The FH Mini is operated via joystick (wirelessly or cabled).

  • The FH Mini is perfect for 2D/ 3D Cable Flight Systems, small Boom Arms , Balloons, Car Rig Mounts.

  • The FH Mini can take a variety of cameras. The ones that work best: Red Epic, Dragon, Scarlett, Raven, Alexa Mini, Blackmagic cameras, and DSRLs

Tech Specifications

  • 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized

  • RF Wireless capability

  • Pan axis travels through 360°

  • Roll axis travels through 270°

  • Tilt Axis travels through 200°

  • Payload capacity up to 26 lbs

  • Light Weight 20.9 lbs

  • Slip Rings Available

  • Temperature range from -40 °F up to +104 °F

  • Mounts to standard Mitchell base

​Power Requirements

  • 24-30 VDC

  • 2 Amps Standby

  • 15 Amps Din. Max.


  • Length 25 inches

  • Width 18 inches

  • Height 24.5 inches

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