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The Spring Mount shock absorber system is the combination of the gyro-stabilized Flight Head on the specially designed universal dampening mount.

The spring and struts take out the major shocks and vibrations when shooting on rough terrian, The gyros in the Flight Head keep the camera and the shot rock steady. It is a perfect tool for high speed chases, off-road or on the water.

May be described as a "Black Arm" but build as a heavy duty professional tool that can handle any of our full-size Flight Heads and most camera package without compromise.
Flight Head Spring Arm Clermont Florida.JPG


  • For use with our gyro-stabilized Flight Heads

  • Versatile tube frame that mounts to standard speedrail

  • Can be mounted to Cars, ATVs, Boats, ect.

  • Payload capacity: 72 lbs

  • Weight with Flight Head is less than 110 lbs

Black Spring Arm Flight Head.jpg
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